Frequently Asked Questions

Please find our most common questions below.
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Is it true you don't do any Credit Checks?

The Yes Network will NOT credit check you whatsoever. All that we ask is that you make a few payments towards your contract first (gradually) so we can see you can afford the payments.

I don’t want a sim card, can I just have the handset?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide handsets without a sim contract as well.

Can I keep my current mobile number?

Absolutely! Simply contact your existing network provider and ask for your PAC code. Once you have this please contact our customer service department who will then arrange for your number to be transferred to your new sim.

Why do I have to wait 12 weeks?

As UK's only No Credit Check Network we like to get to know all our customers first before we send you your brand new shiny handset. So long as you are a good customer on our Network we guarantee to deliver your handset after 12 weeks. Remember, during this time we will send you your sim, port over any existing number you might already have, and offer a starter phone to get you going on our network.

Can I pay the 12 weeks upfront?

Whilst we would love to send you your handset immediately we believe it is better for you to pay a little towards your contract first (gradually) to show you are comfortable with the re-payments.

I’ve changed my mind so how do I cancel??

Simply send an email to quoting your order number and we will get back to you confirming your request. If in doubt please contact our UK Call Centre who are always happy to help.

How does the airtime work?

We charge 5p per min/text/mb of data, which is much cheaper than standard PAYG products that can cost around 30p per min.

What network do you use?

The Yes Network uses all of the major networks in one SIM, so by using our network you will always have the best possible signal available in your area.

Can I have more than one contract?

Yes! Just make sure you are comfortable with the re-payments and if in doubt always contact a member of our customer services team who are here to help.

Can I pay monthly or fortnightly?

Once your chosen handset has been dispatched we are able to offer several options for your future payments. Please contact a member of our customer services team for more info

Can I pay by direct debit or standing order?

Currently we only accept payments via a valid Debit of Credit Card.